The Orleans Farmers' Market strives to Educate the public and local consumers
about locally grown produce and the farms of Barnstable County.

We have Education Events at the market highlighting local food,
what and when to plant and farms of the past that sustained the local population.

We support the Cape Cod Community 
in their quest for the freshest and most nutritious food.

We bring consumers together with farmers and have food conversations.

We strive to educate the general public about the supply and demand
of the locally seasonal products.

This in turn creates a better understanding
about what is available and when.

By informing consumers about new products,
it encourages people to try new foods,
and increases greater food diversity and better health.

Our market provides support to the following:
Nauset High School Culinary Class-
            thru donations of produce grown by students in The Food and Research Garden
The Food and Research Garden @ Nauset Regional High School-
            by supplying guidance, tools, materials and labor from experienced farmers
Donations to The Family Pantry and local Councils on Aging-
            thru donations of produce grown at the Food and Research Garden

Below are links to Local Book Shops and Libraries to help you find Gardening information
Suggested Reading List;

Written By “Kiss the Ground” documentary filmmaker Josh Tickell, this book focuses on how the food you eat can reverse climate change, heal your body, and ultimately save our world.

​Braiding Sweetgrass By Robin Wall Kimmerer
Drawing on her life as an indigenous scientist, and as a woman, Kimmerer shows how other living beings – asters and goldenrod, strawberries and squash, salamanders, algae, and sweetgrass – offer us gifts and lessons, even if we’ve forgotten how to hear their voices. The awakening of ecological consciousness requires the acknowledgment and celebration of our
reciprocal relationship with the rest of the living world.

The Soil Will Save Us: How Scientists, Farmers, and Foodies Are Healing the Soil to Save the Planet By Kristin Ohlsen
An elegantly argued, passionate case for “our great green hope”--a way in which we can not only heal the land but also turn atmospheric carbon into beneficial soil carbon--and potentially reverse global warming.

Restoration Agriculture By Mark Shepard
Every single human society that has relied on annual crops for staple foods has collapsed. Restoration Agriculture explains how we can have all of the benefits of natural, perennial ecosystems and create agricultural systems that imitate nature in form and function while still providing for our food, building, fuel, and many other needs - in your own backyard, farm, or ranch.