We try to have some sort of entertainment  at our Saturday morning  market for our customers to enjoy while shopping. Our entertainers perform free of charge, so we encourage giving them contributions in the form of money or produce. I think you will be pleased by the talent of these local artists. Usually the performances begin about 9:30 am. Below is a list of scheduled performers for this year. We thank them all in advance for supporting our market, so we continue to be the best on the Cape. Pictures of some of the entertainers are shown below. More will be added.
   The line up for 2014 is almost complete. We have 3 Wednesday openings. If you are interested in getting on our calendar, please contact Michelle Koch at mkochcc@comcast.net
Bert Jackson Trio
Denya Levine 7/9, 8/9 & 8/27/14
Jennifer Stratton with Ann Beito and Don Bovin
Fred Magee 6/14 & 9/20/14 and Frank Morgan
Tim Sweeney 6/21 & 8/30/14
Frank Morgan 8/20, 8/23 & 10/18/14
Kevin Linnehan
Diana DiGiola 8/2/14
Bert Jackson and Friends 7/5 & 9/27/14
Dancing to the sounds of Jennifer Stratton 6/7 & 8/16/14
Denya Levine - 7/23/11
Tim Sweeney and Lauren doing a nice duet - 7/30/11
Annie Rich banging out some great sounds - 8/6/11
Lauren doing a solo after singing with Tim Sweeney - 8/20/11
Free Magee banging out some tunes. 9/17/11
Annie Rich